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4 Berry Yogurt – Your favorite low fat treat full of berries in vape form! VG/PG 70/30

Apple Buddah – A refreshing creamy caramel apple VG/PG 70/30

BF Punch – A tropical fruit punch blend. VG/PG 80/20

Blue Manatee – EMM’s little blue brother!  A creamy dessert blend with a touch blue raz and more.  If your an EMM fan you will love the Blue Manatee.  VG/PG 75/25

Bubble Gum –  Good old sugary bubble gum just like the old days VG/PG 90/10

Candy’s Apple – A creamy salted caramel apple.  VG/PG 80/20

Caramel Butterscotch Swirl – A smooth creamy all day desert vape. VG/PG 75/25

Caramel Cheesecake – A delicious cheesecake topped with caramel with a touch of whipped cream and graham cracker crust.  VG/PG 75/25

Chill Melon –  Watermelon with a smooth kool mint exhale VG/PG 75/25

Chocolate Donut – A good old fashioned glazed chocolate donut.  VG/PG 80/20

Cola Gummy –  Everyone’s favorite soft drink in vape!  VG/PG 80/20

Cotton Candy – Your favorite fair food might be your new favorite juice! VG/PG 70/30

Disco Lemonade – A great refreshing summer vape featuring lemonade with a spin of berries.  VG/PG 80/20

Double Dragon – A double dose of delicious dragon fruit. VG/PG 80/20

Double Strawberry – A double dose of ripe strawberry deliciousness. VG/PG 80/20

Dragonfruit Cheesecake – A delicious cheesecake infused with dragon fruit VG/PG 75/25

Drunk Monkey – A tropical blend of banana and rum!  VG/PG 80/20

EMM (Endangered Manatee Milk) – A creamy dessert blend with a touch of strawberry
reminiscent of a suicidal unicorn. Hey if the manatees like it then it must be good. VG/PG 75/25 *BEST SELLER!*

Fruity Bubble Gum – Fruity flavor with a bubblegum touch.   VG/PG 90/10

Funnel Cake – It’s fair time.  A funnel cake topped with brown sugar for perfection.  VG/PG 75/25

GrapeVape – Just like everyone’s favorite grape soda. VG/PG 75/25

Gummy Bear – Your favorite chewy snack in every vape. VG/PG 70/30

Honey Tobacco – Super smooth tobacco taste with a honey finish VG/PG 75/25

Ice – A cool pineapple melon menthol  VG/PG 70/30

Kiwi Strawberry – Strawberries and kiwi blended together for this smooth vape VG/PG 80/20

Kiwi Watermelon – The perfect fusion of kiwi and watermelon will have your mod glued to your hand VG/PG 80/20

Menthol – Looking for your favorite flavor with a menthol kick?  Try our nic based additive to do just the trick and add a cool menthol to any flavor.  VG/PG 75/25

Mud Dog – Classic tobacco blend VG/PG 75/25

Mystic Yeti – Your favorite caffeinated beverage in vape form. Try not to get addicted! VG/PG 80/20

Orange Cream Pop – The frozen treat you’ve always enjoyed VG/PG 80/20

Pineapple Sweet – Like a sweet Hawaiian Pineapple VG/PG 70/30

Raspberry Sweet – Your favorite raspberry flavor without the bitter bite VG/PG 75/25

Red Menthol – Traditional red blend menthol tobacco. VG/PG 90/10

Ripe Apple – Every puff tastes like a delicious red apple. VG/PG 80/20

Rootbeer Float- Just like an old fashion root beer float topped with vanilla bean ice cream! VG/PG 75/25 

S3 (Super Sour Strawberry) – If you like sour you will love this!  VG/PG 70/30

Sangre de Sarina – ‘Blood of the Mermaid’ A delicious blend of strawberry, watermelon with a splash of coconut. VG/PG 70/30

Snap Vape Krack – Everyone’s favorite childhood treat!  Rice cereal & marshmallow in a bottle! A unique vape experience. VG/PG 80/20

Strawberry Cheesecake – Creamy cheesecake topped with succulent strawberries VG/PG 70/30

Strawberry Sweet – Sugary sweet strawberry goodness in every vape VG/PG 70/30

Strawberry Watermelon – A delicate blend of fresh strawberries and sweet watermelon that’s super refreshing VG/PG 80/20

Strawmelon – A blend of strawberries, melon and a touch of watermelon. VG/PG 80/20

Summer’s One Night Stand – A refreshing blackberry, peach, lemonade with a twist VG/PG 80/20

Sweet Blue – Sugary sweet blueberry goodness in every vape VG/PG 70/30

Sweet Georgia Peach – A sweet peach topped with a touch of whipped cream.  VG/PG 80/20

Sweet Tart – Nothing but sugary sweet goodness. VG/PG 80/20

Ted – A cinnamon cereal treat.  VG/PG 75/25

Tropicolada – It’s that perfect summer poolside drink in vape form!  Pina colada, pineapple coconut and a taste of tropical fruits. VG/PG 70/30

Yeti Melons – A smooth creamy tropical melon blend.  VG/PG 75/25

Vanilla Custard – That hard to find desert can be in your hand whenever you like VG/PG 75/25

Vanilla Tobacco – A smooth tobacco with a vanilla exhale  VG/PG 50/50

Watermelon Sweet – Sugary sweet watermelon in every vape VG/PG 70/30

Now Available in our online store!

4 thoughts on “TVL e-Liquids

  1. I just got a new custard today by TVL called appropriately enough, Vanilla Custard. Officially my new favorite, easily could be an all day vape.

  2. I am so thrilled with the new Grape Vape by your TVL line just the grape I’ve been searching for!

  3. i love this seller, he has excellent comunication skills
    he is fast to reply, fast shipping and fast delivery. i buy 3 mi one + coils
    the price was excellent. he will work with you on special deals, just ask him
    the juice was out of this world, very taste, strawberry i could practily
    drink it , heheheh
    i highly recommend this seller

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