asMODus Damascus/Stabilized Wood Knife



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Featuring the same stabilized wood made famous by Adsmodus’ stabilized wood box mods, each and every knife is made with care and intended for actual use. Designed with ergonomics in mind, each handle scale of the knife is rounded off to provide a secure yet stable grip on this tool, while the thumb studs ensure that the blade can be quickly and easily opened. A classic yet durable liner lock is used as a locking mechanism , helping to ensure that this beautiful blade is as safe as possible while allowing for the full stab wood grip scales to be used, a touch that a frame lock or a lock back design would not allow.

The blade is composed of multiple layers of different stainless steels pattern welded then folded to create a Damascus style blade. Each steel is chosen based on a specific combination of hardness for edge retention, a certain amount of work-ability to ensure the blade is easy to sharpen, and corrosion resistance to guarantee that this beautiful piece of kit remains just as gorgeous as it is functional. The blade itself is ground down to a narrow yet durable drop point style tip to help with penetration, while the wide belly of the knife allows for an effective slice when cutting softer materials like fruit or cardboard.


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