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(Updated 4-13-20)

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Banana Ice (Puff Bar Limited Edition) – The delectable taste of banana coated in clean, soothing menthol (Out of stock)

Banana Ice (FYRE Powered By Smok)

Banana Ice (Ryse) – Banana with an icey menthol exhale on every!

Berry (Switch) – Succulent berry flavors

Blueberry Ice (Puff Bar) – accurate and tangy notes of Blueberry flavor will flow across your taste buds and will surprise you with its credible and provocative taste.

Blue Raz (Puff Bar) – The perfect sweet and sour blend of blue raspberry will give you mouth watering experience

Blue Raz (Hype Bar) – (Out of stock)

The Berg  (Innevape InneStix) – A delicious and refreshing blue slushie

The Berg Menthol (Innevape InneStix) – A delicious and refreshing menthol  blue slushie (Out of stock)

Cafe Latte (Puff Bar) – A perfect flavor to vape in the morning, “latte” is bold roast with just the right amount of sugar and cream

Clear (Puff Bar) – an ideal option for those who simply want to enjoy the vaping experience without any frills (Out of stock)

Cool Mint (Puff Bar) – a perfect blend of mint with just the right amount of menthol giving you icy fresh sensation

Cucumber (Puff Bar) – a delicious blend of fresh cucumbers and breezy menthol

Cubano (Stig) – A Smooth cigar flavor with a drizzle of creamy vanilla, providing a fresh and rich tobacco flavor

Energy (Nu-X) – A  delightful alternative to coffee and energy drinks, featuring an all-in-one disposable design that’s prefilled with caffeine, and B12 vitamins to perk you up and boost your energy levels! It provides tasty fruit flavor, vitality, and focus without the sugar and calories of your standard Energy drink or cup of coffee.

Frozen Banana (Hype) – (out of stock)

Grape (Puff Bar) – the sweet taste of grapes and other berries

Iced Banana (Crushed) 60% – This fresh banana explosion is going to keep you coming back for more. (Out of Stock)

Ice Mango (Hype Bar)

Iced Mango Bomb (Stig) – (Out of stock)

Ice Strawberry (Hype Bar) – (Out of stock)

Lush Ice (Puff Bar) – juicy watermelons and refreshing chilly menthol that will drive your taste buds crazy

Lush Ice (FYRE Powered By Smok)

Lush Ice (Hype  Bar) – (Out of stock)

Lush Ice (Stig) – A delicious burst of fresh watermelon on the Inhale with sweet undertones of mixed melons and smooth menthol on the exhale, providing a smooth and fruity all day vaping experience (Out of stock)

Lychee Ice (Puff Bar) – Sweet but tarty flavor mixed with the perfect amount of menthol (Out of stock)

Lychee Ice (Vyce) – Lychee & Menthol

Mango (Puff Bar) – freshly picked mangoes would crash against your taste buds making you feel as if you just took a bite out of an actual mango

Melon Ice (Puff Bar Limited Edition) – Icy melonation that reminds you about summer cocktails at the shoreline (Restock Monday 3/30)

Melons (Switch)

Menthol (Puff Bar) – Sweet and cooling menthol leaves will refresh your senses instantly (Out of stock)

Menthol  (IVG)  – 50mg

O.M.G (Puff Bar) – Orange Mango Guava  combines the citrus-blessed orange with the tart strawberry and the sweet mango that you will get the perfect fruity combination

Peach (Puff Bar) – Sweet flavor and your taste buds will love the fruity and menthol sensation (Out of stock)

Peach Berry Crush (Crushed) 60% – Delicious juicy peaches, mixed with crushed berries, need we say more?

Peach Ice (Puff Bar) – the perfect flavor for anyone looking for a spot on flavor with the incomparable menthol chill

Peach Ice (YaYa) – (Out of Stock)

Pina Colada (Zalt)

Pineapple (Nano) – Gush of sweet, sticky pineapple flavor freshly squeezed from tropical island pineapples.

Pineapple Lemonade (Puff Bar) – The fizzy taste of the world’s most famous drink, the lemonade, combined with one of the sweetest tropical delights, the Pineapple (Out of Stock)

Pink Lemonade  (Puff Bar) – Freshly squeeze pink lemonade that emits a fun and tasty vaping experience (Out of stock)

Pink Lemonade (FYRE Powered By Smok)

Pink Oolong (VitaVP) – What chemical reaction will happen when peach and oolong tea fall in love? A little bitter? A little sweet? Or become your favorite

Pink Punch Lemonade (TWST) – An amazing blend of vape flavors that consist of freshly squeezed lemons combined with a tart red mixed berry flavor

Pineapple Slush (Posh Bar) – (Out of stock)

POG (Hitt Go) 50% – Guava –  Orange – Passion fruit

POG (Switch) – The wonderful flavors of passion fruit, oranges, and guava

Pomegranate (Puff Bar) – The authentic sweetness and sourness of pomegranate for a flavor as exotic as the fruit itself

Sour Apple (Puff Bar) – the enticing flavor of the green sour apple (out of stock)

Sour Apple (Air Bar Powered By Suorin)

Strawberry (Puff Bar) – The perfect taste of freshly picked strawberries that are as juicy as they can be and have just the right amount of sweetness

Strawberry (IVG) –  50mg

Strawberry Banana (Puff Bar Limited Edition) – Get treated to the essence of sun-kissed strawberries and sweetest bananas

Strawberry Banana (Pod King )

Strawberry Banana (Switch) – The sweet fruity taste of strawberries and combines it with the creamy taste of bananas

Strawberry Cream (Hyde) – (Out of Stock)

Tangerine Ice (Puff Bar Limited Edition) –  Icey cool menthol on the inhale and a sharp citrus tangerine taste when you exhale (Restock Monday 3/30)

Tobacco (Mojo)– 50mg (Out of stock)

Tobacco (Puff Bar) – The taste of rich tobacco will hit your taste buds and dance across them

Tropical Mango (Stig) – Brings along a sweet mango with a hint of zing in every puff providing a refreshing fruity flavor to satisfy your palate all day (Out of stock)

Watermelon  (Puff Bar) – The sweet watermelon pulp making you feel like if you took a bite out of a freshly sliced fruit!

Watermelon Ice (Switch) – Succulent watermelons and combines that with a menthol base to keep you on your toes with every puff you take

Watermelon Strawberry Ice (Nitro’s Cold Brew) – A perfect cool watermelon strawberry


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